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Now what does 'B' stand for? B can stand for Big; Beautiful; Bold or any other adjective in your lexicon that might fit the bill. Here at Aww Snap, some things are worth repeating. So here we have the Booth-booth. 

The B-booth is an (almost) enclosed Booth suitable for brand activations, DnDs, grandma's 80th birthday, 7-day wedding marathon, you name it!


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Compact Size

Coming in at no larger than 1.3m deep, 1.7m wide and 2.2m high, the B-booth is suitable even for tight retail spaces or private venues; very cosy for a group of 4-5 mates. 

Customizable panels

For an additional fee, the B-booth is a white-label dream come true. Our B-booth offers large customizable canvasses and digital screens for your brand's most stunning visuals. 

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Social media sharing/data capture

Leverage on your guests' social network to generate buzz on your brand and event. The B-booth makes sharing photos onto social media fuss-free and convenient. 

The B-booth also has the capability of collecting data provided by your guests. Good for building email lists; great for your business. 

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